Click Here Digital

What makes us different

We may be one of many digital agencies, but our experience, customer service and understanding of clients' needs is what makes us a little bit unique.

We're a small, but dedicated team of online professionals who realise that just because you have a tight budget, doesn't mean you can't have exceptional quality and dedication.

We're also happy to help with suggestions and discussions on how you can make your business successful by utilising today's digital applications. But we won't charge hefty hourly rates for the privilege, in fact, chances are if you've already worked with us, we won't charge you at all.

As many of our cleints are startups, It's not just their online presence that needs addressing, so we often offer a helping hand with the design and print of full stationary sets, such as business cards, headed paper, compliment slips and invoice templates. We've also partnered with our local printing company, Eagle Printers, so you can rest assured that the work will be designed, printed and delivered to your door as soon as possible at a reasonable price.

It's this level of customer service that makes us proud of what we do, and proud of our 100% customer satisfaction that we receive whilst doing it.

Ryan - Director

Ryan has worked in the digital world all his life, both client and agency side. Despite being a director here, he’s still one of the youngest people at the agency. Don’t let his age fool you though, he started his own agency at just 20, and behind that scruffy hair is a whole host of digital knowledge and passion.

Anthony - Director

Anthony is what we call, a marketer. Having started off client side, he soon moved to the agency world where he brought with him his passion for strategy. He’s the guy who will challenge your brief and ensure that whatever is created, is the most effective solution possible. He’s a no nonsense talker who is just as passionate about all things digital as he is about surfing.

Mark B - Business Analyst

Mark has spent over 20 years working in the IT industry in both the U.K. and U.S. An experienced consultant, Mark has worked with organisations such as BT, U.S. Bank, Philip Morris and General Motors to name but a few, he's a real asset here at Click Here.

Pat - Project Director

Pat comes from the big agency world. You'll hear him talk about AGILE project management and other such exciting things. He knows stuff we didn't even know existed. He’s managed everything from million pound ecommerce web builds to Social media campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands. Pat is the man who will make sure everything we produce is on time and in budget. He’s tough on our team, but he’ll be just as tough on you.

Mark M - Creative Director

Originally from the land of Braveheart, Haggis and deep fried pizza, Mark is our creative genius. Having a real eye for creativity and an original idea, he’s one of those creative types who gets excited about a font. Having been in the digital design world for over 13 years, Mark has worked in most sectors and doesn’t let a new design go out without being 100% confident it’s perfect.

Mindaugas - Silverstripe Developer

Mindaugas is our secret weapon, secret because we keep him hidden in the office, chained to a desk where he debugs millions of lines of code. If John Hammond had Mindy at his disposal, Jurassic Park would have been a much safer (albeit less exciting) experience. Fun for all the family.

Allan D - User Experience

You think you know how people use websites? Paul is our User Experience genius. He will show you how varied the user journey can be. He will explain to you why the navigation needs to be in a certain position for a specific market. Don’t tell him, but he’s kind of important to what we do here at Click Here. No website goes out without his usability input at the start and his testing (to destruction) at the end.

Joe - Search Specialist

The rest of us think Joe practises Witch craft. He calls it SEO. Our in house SEO and PPC manager, there’s not much Joe doesn’t know about getting your website up the search rankings. He’ll keep it there as well. If he’s not looking at stats or key words, you might find him playing or watching football. Or in the pub.

Nivanka - Lead Developer

Nivanka manages our team of developers, they work across the board; PHP, .net, MySql, HTML5, CSS3, content management systems, the list goes on. Making pixel perfect websites is what they do best.

Chris - Senior Developer

Chris manages our second team of developers, having worked for some of the largest agencies in London, Chris knows what goes where and why. That's the simplified explanation...