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SilverStripe Specialists

Since 2009, we've been specialising in the up and coming SilverStripe content management system. We've worked with many CMS tools in the past, from Wordpress & Magento right the way back to "Adobe In Context Editing". (The less we say about that the better.)

But we soon took a shine to SilverStripe, because in a nutshell, it just works. Our clients love it too, it's super easy to update website content, including images, asset libraries, maps, links, add pages, move page, delete pages; the possibilities are endless.

What we really love about SilverStripe, is it's ability to be what we need it to be. Whereas many other CMS tools come packaged with all of the web functions under the sun, SilverStripe keeps it simple. We start with the absolute minimum required to manage a website, then build up. We add in all of the functions & features that you will require for your specific needs, and leave out all those that you don't. The outcome is a clean, fast, secure website that allows for future expansion and total control.

We've built over 100 SilverStripe websites since 2009, from simple brochure style websites for local tradesmen, to international holiday rentals directory sites, encompassing real-time availability, online bookings, automated Twitter broadcasts, Google Map & Facebook API integration with all the bells and whistles.

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SilverStripe Reviews

Joomla was far too complex for what we needed, Wordpress too restrictive, but SilverStripe offered me complete freedom. I'm able to organise my content however I want, it just works!
Erin - Lotus People